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    Jason is one of the leaders of the Tuesday IC gathering. He loves sports, outdoor adventures, Oklahoma and his wife, Stacie. If Jason could have any super hero ability it would be to fly.

  • amber

    Amber is a part of the Wednesday IC gathering at her apartment building. She loves ice cream, hiking and spending time with her daughter Vanessa. If Amber could be any animal she would be a flying squirrel....cause they're awesome!

  • jenna

    Jenna is a part of the Downings' Tuesday IC gathering. She loves her family, roommates, soccer, a good cup of joe and cliff jumping. If Jenna could compete in any Olympic sport it would be bobsledding.

  • josh

    Josh is an IC leader on Monday nights. He loves board games, a good movie and hanging out with his family. If Josh could go anywhere in the world at a moment's notice he would go home.