Partnership Renewal

To become a Pathway Partner, you must first attend a Partnership Class and sign a covenant, committing yourself to the Pathway for one year. Talk to your IC Leader if you are interested in attending the next Partnership Class for new partners. We ask our Partners to renew their partnership each year, which is hopefully why you've found yourself here.

Here's how you do it. This will take 30-60 minutes so please wait until you have time to sit down and go through it without interruption. 

There are actually three ways to do this. 

         A) Old Fashioned Style - Pen and Paper

         B) Email

         C) Using THIS ONLINE FORM  

If you choose the online option, you can stop here and click the link above.  Otherwise, here's what you should do next:

1. Open the Partnership Covenant and pray as you read through each of the commitments. 


2. Evaluate - Write or type an evaluation of how well you feel you did with each commitment over the past year. Be as brief or as detailed as you feel is necessary. Please don't worry about how bad you may have done. There is no condemnation, this is just a time to reflect and evaluate where you are and where God might be asking you to grow. We do not want you to sign this covenant lightly. Renewing your covenant means you are committing yourself to the vision and the mission of The Pathway. If you have questions at all about what that means for you specifically, please know that your IC Leaders and/or Pastor Bobby would love to sit down and talk with you anytime.

4. Set Goals - write or type out 2-3 goals for the next year.  Throughout this whole process, pray pray pray for God's wisdom and discernment.

5. Sign - If you are doing this the old fashioned way, you can print and sign the covenant and turn it in to Bobby along with your evaluation and goals.  Or if you are emailing it, copy and paste the sentence below followed by your full name. 

"By typing my full name below, I am signing this covenant and committing to partner with The Pathway for one year, I have attended the partnership and/or partnership class & will make every attempt to attend the next Vision series (or listen on-line if attending is absolutely impossible)." Then type your full name and send it to Bobby. Then you are all done for one full year! 

If you have any questions, please let Bobby or your IC Leader know. 

Click here for the Partnership Covenant.

Click here to go to the online renewal form.

The online form is a link to an external site, JotForm. Your submissions are secure, and are received only by the leaders of The Pathway. If you have any questions about the online form, please contact us. We also still have paper copies available!